chi siamo

BKS is not only a company of entertainment and animation,otherwise it would be as good as a thousand other companies, don’t you think?

The differences that are written here, you can check once you get into BKS world, for now enjoy your visit to our new Website.

Obviously entertainment is our target, but as in all things, the ingredients for success are many.

What do you mean?

Think about a team that, firstly, is a network of friendship and then the first question we ask to our employees is: what is your dream?

Nice or?

We are very serious whilst finding new entertainers, because when you work with the “fun” it is easy to fall into the trap of a seasonal job.

We are looking for people who are funny, energetic and young of age. Capable to organize great activities for holiday guests of all ages. Team players seeking for new experiences who want to discover the new cultures of Italy within the Garda lake because we are not car park but rather a launching pad!!!

We are looking for those who speak English and German for whom have a higher chance to work for us.

And the second characteristic?

To be alive. Many entertainment companies ask for you to be dynamic, open to dialogue, in love with music and predisposed.

In terms of teamwork, we want you to be alive …. Are you valuing this quality as the most important thing?

Guests are our friends and goal, we have to respect them and treat them well, of course!

But do you see the difference?

One side to this is to “act in order to be funny” and the other is “to be funny!!”

To the best entertainers who can speaks german we give you the opportunity to work in Austria during the winter as a ski rep. (Or whatever role in skiing you want them to do)
instructors / entertainers at Tyrol \ Austria.

We wish you a nice day and think whether or not you want to be apart of us?

Thank you and see you soon from the whole bkstaff!!

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